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If you are looking for quality training and are willing to work hard for your fitness goals, our amazing team is here to help! Our team of Trainers design a personalized program for you paired with proper nutrient timing to maximize results!

We believe in our members and we have know that your hard work and dedication to the personalized program your trainer designs for you will guarantee you lose those extra pounds, the stubborn belly fat, and kickstart your transition into a healthy and fit lifestyle!

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Christine Tarpinian | Ariela Conde | Ivan Olivares | Vicente Gutierrez

Christine Tarpinian

Christine Tarpinian

Certifications:  The  National Academy of Sports Medicine,The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Kettlebell through Dragondoor as an HKC, DVRT, The Ultimate Sandbag 

Christine Tarpinian is a Los Angeles personal trainer. She is certified through the  National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She is kettlebell certified through Dragondoor as an HKC. She is also Certified as a DVRT and has an extensive knowledge in utilizing the Ultimate Sandbag and other Functional Training Tools.

Christine Tarpinian is an Armenian-american female who is passionate about changing the lives of anyone who seeks her advice. She has changed the lives of countless people encouraging them to make healthier decision in their eating habits and activity.  She has more than 6 year experience as a personal trainer. She is the owner of Fit From The Ground Up.

Christine Tarpinian mostly specializes in health & fitness, fitness assessment, nutrition, fat loss, flexibility, muscle growth, general performance and boot camp classes.

So whatever your goals are she can help you reach them with a scientifically proven intelligently designed exercise program individualized to meet your fitness needs. remember that the knowledge is only half of the battle. The implementation, the adherence to the program, and well thought out adjustments are the other half. Working with Christine you will increase your probability of success and decrease your chances of hitting plateaus, becoming frustrated with your workout and eventually giving up. Christine will work to keep you motivated every session, implementing kettle bells, sandbags, heavy exercise ropes, and much more. Keeping your workout fun and effective.

So What are you waiting for? Unleash your potential with Fit From The Ground Up’s amazing trainer, Christine Tarpinian.

Join her at the Fit From The Ground Up Montebello Location.

Call/Text: 323-428-1900

Email: Christine@fitfromthegroundup.com

Ariela Conde

Ariela Conde has been part of the Fitness Industry since 2013 and has a background in dance of over ten years. She has worked for corporate gyms including LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness where she became passionate about helping people improve their lifestyles through fitness and nutrition. She now does personal training and group fitness, guiding her clients in reaching their individual fitness goals through customized regimes utilizing both functional and strength training. She teaches boot camp, body sculpting and Cardio Barre classes; all unique styles and different levels of fitness. Come in and try one of her classes or make an appointed for a free assessment. “Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates

Ivan Olivares

Ivan Olivares is an experienced professional fitness instructor and boxing coach. His mission is to support people around him to reach their physical, mental, and spiritual goals, and to go hand by hand in this journey. In his previous job, LA fitness Co. honored me as a “Master Trainer” for his knowledge, success and ten years of experience coaching and teaching martial arts. One of his most notorious achievements was winning the first place in fighting (Kumite) in the Southern California Region in 2012. Que Rico Dance Co. also rewarded me with “The Most Determined Award” for his determination and discipline while he was in the company. He has great leadership, business, marketing, financial, organization, and time management skills. People around him look at him as a free, supportive, enthusiastic, confident, powerful and unstoppable leader. His work experience background are independent Personal Trainer, Master Trainer, and Boxing coach. He has volunteered as a boxing coach, and mentor for youth in his community. He is always learning something new, he studied kinesiology, business management, marketing, finance, accounting, math and Spanish literature. Boxing and fitness are his passion, and he also loves to meditate, play team sports and social dance.

Vicente Gutierrez

 Certifications: Health, Nutrition and Fitness Specialist – ACSM, SMART FITNESS

Focus: Nutrition, Supplementation, Weight Loss, Muscle Development, Toning and Sculpting, Endurance and Personal Training.

Vicente applies behavioral, motivational and exercise strategies to help both healthy and unhealthy individuals and those with medically controlled diseases in order to help them change to a healthy Lifestyle.  He dedicates himself to each session in order to tailor to the needs of his clients as well as motivating them to leave their exercise comfort zone in order to achieve optimal results.

As an adolescent he struggles with his weight and overcame personal obstacles which helped him realize the importance of learning the key elements for maximum results to help each of his client’s needs. He does this with his BE212 PRO Health Daily Plan that teaches his clients how to balance the 6 daily elements: Water, Sleep, Stress, Exercise, Supplements and Nutrition. By understanding these 6 elements the body will benefit on a daily basis from hydration, sleep, macronutrients, fitness, nutrition and stress relief to help transform the body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE.

The balance of these elements is a Key to a Healthy Journey.  This plan is also designed to help repair damage cells caused by weight gain and oxidative stress.  Your body will receive the right macronutrients to aid cell regeneration.

He is passionate about eradicating Childhood and Adult Obesity as well as motivating parents and children to live a happy and healthy lifestyle by helping them understand the cause of the problem.

His mission as a BE212 PRO HEALTH Personal Trainer is to Help One Person at a Time to reach their health goals.

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