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At Fit From The Ground Up we put people first and work with them every step of the way to transform their bodies, exceed their goals and change their lives! We have an excellent track record of proven results and truly care about the health and well-being of our clients. Let us help you transform your life and become Fit From The Ground Up!

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 Client Testimonials


“After years of unhealthy lifestyle and struggles with food, lack of energy, failed attempts at yoyo dieting and trying big intimidating gyms, I finally decided to try a smaller more intimate style gym. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The staff at Fit From The Ground Up has been there every step of the way to help guide me through my weight loss journey. I may not be “skinny” but I know I’m definitely way healthier, stronger and at the best fitness level I’ve ever been in my life!”
Shannon De La Rosa FIT.G.U. Family Member over 2 years!

I started my journey at Fit From The Ground Up on May 6, 2014. I can’t say it enough how FGU has changed my life!! Since I began I’ve done both personal training and classes. To date I have shed 110 lbs. But have gained so much more. Gaining so much knowledge from all of the trainers about nutrition and living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Their guidance and motivation has given me the mindset of being fit for life!!! Which is the first step of this journey. Making the decision, getting through the pain (good pain lol) sweat and yes even tears!!!  But when you want to give up that’s when you push the hardest. I NEVER  thought that I could ever love working out but I absolutely do!!! The trainers and everyone at FGU have always made it fun for me! That is one of the things I love the most about FGU that it really does feel like a family. We all encourage and push each other and we know that all of the trainers have our backs and are their to help us all reach our fitness goals. Much love and gratitude to all the of the trainers Walt, Christine, Natalia, Kassy,Vince and to all my gym peeps!!!!  Respeto!!!”

Judy Sanchez FIT.G.U. Family Member for 16 Months and counting!

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 “I’ve always struggled with my shape and weight for most of life, I finally decided to get serious about my health and realized it was time to change so I decided to become an expert in health and fitness. I know from my own experience the hard work and dedication it will take to achieve your goals and I know that if i can do it, anyone can be Fit From The Ground Up!”

Christine Tarpinian Owner of Fit From The Ground Up







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