Sandbag Workout

Intense Fat Burning Workout

Sandbag workouts are some of the most intense workouts out there period. You can burn about 1200 calories in one workout depending on how conditioned you are. Due to the shifting sand or water the amount of energy expended, even doing some of the most basic movements, is much higher and recruits more muscle fibers resulting in an increase in metabolic efficiency, this means you burn more calories and you gain some conditioning.

Sandbag Workout- Get Shredded

The full Sandbag Workout routine can be seen bellow.

  • 5 Staggered Cleans both sides
  • 10 Bent Over Rows
  • 10 Single Arm Bent Over Rows Both Arms
  • 5 Rotating Cleans to Zercher Both Sids
  • Zercher Squat
  • Shoulder Squat Both Sides
  • Around The World Both Directions
    • 3-6 rounds- 60-90 seconds rest

This is a heavily metabolic workout. That means that you burn a ton of calories. Your body is constantly engaged doing every single one of these individual exercises. Remember not to take little to no breaks. You want to work out as intense as possible so you can burn the most amount of calories and build lean body mass. High intensity training has been proven time and time again to be one of the best ways to burn fat and gain muscle. Also, by doing full body exercises you burn way more calories than you do in single joint movements. With the sandbag your entire body is engaged in almost every movement, and its not just because of the shifting sand, but due to the longer lever arm between you and the load itself. Notice how the center of the weight is between 6-9 inches away from your hands. That by itself increases the working load significantly. To add to that concept the handles are flexible this also challenges your grip in multiple types of movements. Also in certain lifts certain handles or just gripping the bag without the handles can illicit more neural-muscular activation thus adding to the training stimulus in a positive way.

Over all this workout can be used for many different thing like

  • Weight Loss
  • Fat loss
  • Gains in strength
  • Muscle definition
  • Increased performance
  • Increased balance

Review: The Ultimate Sandbag

Ultimate Sandbag Review

Here is Fit From The Ground Up’s review on The Ultimate Sandbag. This Sandbag is Flawless in design, durable, versatile, and the training system is one of the best and exciting systems I’ve seen in a long time.

One word describes this product. Flawless.

This is by far the best product I have ever purchased.

  1. Durable
    Since I use my training tools for my personal training clients and my group classes, my number one concern is durability. How much usage will I be able to get out of something if I’m using it 30+ hours a week? It’s stood the test of time, numerous beat down sessions, and unorthodox training methods. So it meets my number one concern.
  2. Versatile
    My second concern is, how versatile is the product? This means can I just use it for one thing or can I use it for a variety of things? This is the difference between having a tool so useful there is no need to put it away because you use it so often, or something collecting dust on a shelf because you only use it for one specific thing.
    You have to tear me away from my Ultimate Sandbag. I use it so much. 75% of my workouts have section dedicated to the Sandbag. I even use it as a pillow, just kidding. The level of usability for this product is amazing. I use the Ultimate Sandbag from beginner clients, where I have to emphasis stability and more isometric exercises, to my most advance clients that I can super-set power workouts with strength workouts without ever changing my training tool. It’s not an awkward piece of equipment either. The transitions from one exercise to another can be so seamless, that once a certain level of proficiency is attained that one can burn more then 1000 calories in an hour, no sweat ( pun intended).
  3. Instrtuction
    The Third thing I look at is the system. When you by a tool, that you don’t know how to use, you need instructions. We’ve all gotten instructions that you have no idea what they mean, they might as well be written in another language. This is not the case with the Ultimate Sandbag. Josh Henkin, the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag, works hard on making sure that the instructional booklet is easy to understand, instructional DVD is full of useful tips and workouts, and he has a number of training tips, videos DVD’s that he produces on a regular basis to insure that we not only get the best product but we maximize the way that product is used.

Click below for my video review of the product.