Success In The New Year

I wanted to share some tips on how to successfully accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions. I know that everyone takes the opportunity to use the changing of a year to initiate a change in themselves. These are our New Year’s resolutions. I admire people who try to take action to change a part of them

Motivated To Change

Motivated To Change Hello everyone, this is Christine. I constantly get asked, “great transformation! What motivated you to change?” I decided to put it all out there without holding anything back. After all this is my past that shaped me to be the person you see today. I’m going to talk a little bit about

Fad Diets: The Master Cleanse

Fad Diets- a quick fix If you have already seen my before & after photo, you know to take my word when I tell you what works and what does not. My journey and transformation has been no secret so far. I tried almost anything you can think of to try to look the way