Fit From The Ground Up LLC was established in February 2011.

CEO and Certified Trainer – Christine Tarpinian

Motivated To Change

Hello everyone, this is Christine. I constantly get asked, “great transformation! What motivated you to change?”

I decided to put it all out there without holding anything back. After all this is my past that shaped me to be the person you see today. I’m going to talk a little bit about my inspiration to live such a healthy, active, and successful life. I want to share how I went from being an irresponsible, self centered, partying alcoholic who, to a healthy self made business woman who helps countless people everyday live healthier and happier lives.

Every once in while I come across older photos of myself. Calling myself a bit of a wild child is understatement. Always with an alcoholic drink in one hand and a cigarette on the other, I remember I used to drink heavily almost every day, which throughout the years. Wasted my life in bars, repetitive partying and after parties that lead to nowhere but trouble and stupid decisions. I don’t understand how I thought I was having fun, but it took it’s toll on my mind, body, health and motivation.

Life was going nowhere. I had so many dreams but I didn’t have the discipline nor the motivation to accomplish what I truly wanted to do. As money became a problem I took jobs here in there to fund my dead end habits. I didn’t have the courage nor the strength to distance myself from the “scene.”  Mostly out of fear of losing friends and experiencing something new.

I felt no more joy in partying. I found myself asking, “What I am I doing? What will I be doing in the future? Will I ever be successful?

A friend of mine told me about personal training and offered me a job. At that time I was overweight, unhealthy, and far from fit. I’m glad he believed in me though. From there I began educating myself about health & fitness. This changed my life.

To put this change further into context, at my heaviest I weighed 180lbs. I was out of shape and my body was breaking down. I look at those photos now and I see a different person. I was all talk and no action. I wanted to do big things but didn’t truly believe I was capable of achieving.

It’s amazing to look back how my life has done a complete 180. My priorities and goals are completely different. They are very high and most importantly achievable. Today, I believe in myself. I am much stronger, so much more confident and I know nothing could stop me or get in the way of anything I ever want to accomplish in my life.

The point is, I was able to do it. I transformed myself not only physically but mentally. There are many more people changing their lives every single day so there’s no excuse.  As soon as you stop making excuses, you can start your weight loss transformation today….you’ll start seeing a change in your life and I promise you’ll be happier for it.

Christine Tarpinian – Certified Personal Trainer
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